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New York Times, "Coming to US for Baby, and Womb to Carry It" by Tamar Lewin

by Katherine Benardo

We have seen a marked increase in straight and gay European, Asian, and South American singles and couples coming to us as intended parents eager to pursue surrogacy. It is important to establish a proper legal foundation for these transnational cases (as well as for those involving donor eggs). The immigration component is critical--we always ...

Frozen Donor Eggs: An Emerging Market and a Word to the Wise

by Katherine Benardo

Now that new freezing techniques have made frozen eggs more viable, doctors and patients are eager to work them, as they offer some time and cost advantages over fresh. However, because a donor egg cycle is so costly, is it not financially practical in most cases for a clinic to do a donor egg cycle ...

Surrogate Offered $10,000 to Abort Baby: CNN

by Katherine Benardo

Here is a case of everything done wrong: as reported by CNN, Crystal Kelley, a financially desperate single mother with two previous miscarriages, refuses to abort a fetus with serious developmental problems, defying the demands of the intended parents.

Crystal Kelley is not a good candidate for gestational carrier, and should never have been accepted ...

I Donated My Eggs: Jezebel []

by Katherine Benardo

A mixed reaction to this overall positive piece on egg donation.

People object to the word "donor," because there is compensation involved.

However, an egg donor is being paid for her time and effort, not her eggs. The donor would have been paid the same no matter how many eggs were retrieved (compensation is not ...

Many egg-donor recruiters ignore ethical standards

by Katherine Benardo

According to a survey published in Fertility and Sterility, about a third of about 100 donor recruitment organizations studied do not adhere to the ASRM's ethical guidelines. These guidelines include the minimum age of 21 for egg donors, the cap on donor compensation of 10K, and a compensation rate not based on donor characteristics ...

So Eager for Grandchildren, They're Paying the Egg-Freezing Clinic

by Katherine Benardo

Some observations on The New York Times article today: Firstly, IVF is so expensive that even mature adults with established careers need their parents to pay for it. Secondly, most eggs retrieved and frozen are not viable, that is, they will not become healthy embryos that result in live births. A typical result of a ...

On 'Do Egg Donors Lie?' By Jenna Marotta

by Katherine Benardo

Despite its provocative title ("Do Egg Donors Lie?") this article was fair, but more interesting to me were the comments, which could not have been a clearer demonstration on how to separate the egg donation myth from the egg donation reality. Throughout, ignorant, typically negative comments from women who have only read or heard about ...