Instagram Live with Mama Glow

Posted On May 3rd, 2021

Here is the link to Kathy Benardo’s IG live interview with Mama Glow. We discussed many issues regarding third party reproduction.


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Sanford Benardo presenting at RESOLVE conference

Posted On October 6th, 2016

OVERVIEW OF EGG DONATION: Learn about the egg donation process from donor conception professionals, with ample time for questions and discussion. Presented by: Sanford Benardo, Esq., Northeast Assisted Fertility Group, Inc and Amy Altman, Esq., Altman & Cook, LLC


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NAFG Has a New Web Site Design

Posted On August 13th, 2015

This is our second revision since we started nine years ago. We have updated and expanded our content but most importantly made our site mobile friendly. Now it is even easier to apply or view the database from your phone.


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NAFG Expands into Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Washington DC

Posted On November 24th, 2009

Last week we announced the launch of four new locations for NAFG, in Atlanta, Dallas, Miami and Washington, DC.

We believe that by expanding our pool of egg donors, gestational carriers, and clients, it will be even easier for donors, recipients, gestational carriers and intended parents to take advantage of our services.  Press releases are linked below:

• Washington, DC
• Atlanta
• Miami
• Dallas

“Our new locations will offer the opportunity for our egg donors, gestational carriers, and intended parents to work locally, or take advantage of our recruitment efforts in other cities across the country. This makes NAFG unique among surrogacy and egg donation programs.”  – Sanford Benardo, Founder and President, Northeast Assisted Fertility Group


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