The Northeast Assisted Fertility Group ("NAFG," founded in 2006) brings people together—intended parents, egg donors, and surrogate mothers (gestational carriers)—to expand families through third party reproduction technologies. NAFG performs no medical tests or procedures. Although we are not a medical clinic, we work closely with a select number of top tier clinics to navigate the process from start to finish.

Prospective recipients seeking donor eggs are welcome to view our database and request more information about profiles of interest. NAFG has become the leading independent egg donor program on the east coast, offering a varied selection of educated, talented, and motivated candidates from around the country. We respond quickly to all inquiries and provide support and information throughout your egg donor search.

Women interested in becoming donors or surrogate mothers/ gestational carriers will find much information regarding qualifications and the processes on our site, as well as online applications. You can be assured that with NAFG you will receive the highest quality care, personal attention, support, and confidentiality.

For those pursuing surrogacy, NAFG matches carriers and intended parents with extraordinary care and oversight, working closely with first-rate IVF programs and assisted reproduction attorneys. We offer support, counseling, and guidance for each step. Our site offers thorough information about surrogacy procedures, logistics, timing, and fees. We encourage prospective intended parents to contact us in order to schedule a consultation to discuss their specific needs in detail.