Find a Surrogate

Surrogacy can be a complicated and sensitive process that is very difficult to accomplish successfully without expert help. At the Northeast Assisted Fertility Group, we expend considerable resources to find excellent carrier candidates and then have them evaluated according to our stringent, industry-leading protocols. A very small percentage of initial applicants are ultimately accepted and matched with intended parents.

NAFG will match you with a qualified and mature gestational carrier, guide you through the complex legal, medical, and psychological components, and provide total support and counseling throughout the engagement.

The laws on surrogacy vary from state to state, and require careful navigation. Our president is an experienced assisted reproduction lawyer who will customize a plan for your particular situation and bring in trusted local counsel. Medical procedures take place at a qualified IVF facility of your choosing and/or via our recommendation. If it is necessary to include donor egg and/or donor sperm in your plan, our coordinators will guide you.

A number of professionals work with the intended parents and carrier to create a successful outcome. Mental health providers, nurses, physicians and lawyers screen the carrier for suitability before she is ultimately cleared to proceed to embryo transfer. Specialized clinicians are required for obtaining the eggs and sperm, creating and testing the embryos, transferring the embryo(s), monitoring the health of the pregnancy and delivering the baby. Lawyers are required to draft egg donation and surrogacy contracts and prepare other legal documents beginning from before conception and extending until after the birth (if any post-birth procedures are necessary). Please see About NAFG to learn about our expert team.

FAQs About Finding A Surrogate