Surrogate Offered $10,000 to Abort Baby: CNN

Posted On March 5th, 2013

Here is a case of everything done wrong: as reported by CNN, Crystal Kelley, a financially desperate single mother with two previous miscarriages, refuses to abort a fetus with serious developmental problems, defying the demands of the intended parents.

Crystal Kelley is not a good candidate for gestational carrier, and should never have been accepted by any program or clinic. Although a surrogate is being paid, her financial situation should be stable. She should also be married or have a stable partner for support. Any potential carrier who is categorically against abortion under any circumstances is not accepted into our program; furthermore, the possibility of abortion is discussed in detail at the first meeting between carrier and intended parents. This meeting should not take place casually in a playground, as it was here, but in an office supervised by experienced professionals who navigate both parties through this sensitive endeavor, making sure expectations are set and met.

Did the intended parents know of their carrier’s attitude on abortion before they decided to work with her? It does not appear that they did, and this indicates serious negligence on the part of the professionals (agency, social workers, etc) who handled this case.

It is regrettable that the public perception of surrogacy may be tarnished by this tragic case. The contrast between the right and wrong way to conduct a surrogacy is well illustrated here.


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