NAFG’s View on Egg Donor Compensation

Posted On February 5th, 2016

Since the year 2000, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (“ASRM”) and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (“SART”) established and maintained a limit on what they considered appropriate donor compensation (amounts more than $5,000 required “justification” and amounts above $10,000 were “not appropriate”). An antitrust lawsuit charging price fixing (Kamakahi v. American Society for Reproductive Medicine) was initiated against the ASRM in 2011 and settled in February 2016; since the ASRM has removed the compensation limits from its ethical guidelines.

We believe that donors should be compensated at a rate higher than the outdated recommendations established many years ago. Accordingly, in February 2016 we have raised our donor compensation to $12,000 for first-time candidates (from $10,000) and to $15,000 for previous donors (from $10,000). NAFG’s own fee structure remains the same.

NAFG has been a member of ASRM and SART since we started in 2006. We have always followed and will continue to follow their ethical guidelines as related to our program.


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