Find an Egg Donor

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Finding an egg donor through Takes3, NAFG’s egg donor program, is easy: you choose an available donor from our database, and then your donor goes to your clinic for the screening and donation. 

In addition to the database, our site includes detailed descriptions of the process, program policies and fees, as well as links to other helpful resources.

What advantages does Takes3 offer?

  • Takes3 recruits attractive, educated women from all over the United States and is highly selective
  • There is no charge to access the database and no elaborate questionnaire to complete
  • Takes3 responds quickly to all inquiries, seven days a week, day and evenings
  • Takes3 has connected several thousand recipients with their donors and helped create countless happy families
  • Although Takes3 is not a clinic and offers no medical services, we have excellent working relationships with many major IVF clinics in the US

How does Takes3 work?

  • The first step is to request access to the database
  • Submit your name, the name and location of your clinic, and a list of your search criteria, and we will respond promptly with a unique user name and password.
  • As long as you are a patient at SART-registered IVF clinic in the US, you are welcome to view the database.
  • We welcome couples and individuals from all backgrounds.  We do not discriminate based on any characteristics whatsoever.

How do I view the database?

Request your unique user account, free of charge.

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