Conceiving Through Egg Donation (8 of 10): Repeat Egg Donors

Posted On November 6th, 2008

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Does Using a Repeat Egg Donor Offer Any Advantage?

The ASRM guidelines allow any one donor to go through up to six egg donation cycles. Any candidates who have donated eggs before should be clearly marked as such on their profiles, for the obvious advantages she offers.

First of all, she knows exactly what she is getting into, and is less likely to have second thoughts about the process of donating eggs. Although she will have to be screened again for her next cycle, you can be assured she has already passed at least one screening, and has no major genetic or psychological issues. Secondly, you will know the results of her previous donations, which need to be good enough to qualify her for another cycle. These results will include the number of donor eggs retrieved, the number fertilized, and if enough time has passed, whether a pregnancy and live birth resulted.

If you choose a repeat donor, her egg donation records will be forwarded to your doctor for review as part of the donor’s screening. If you have any questions about the results, ask the clinic to send redacted records directly to your doctor to get an informed opinion. Don’t jump to any conclusions about the number of donor eggs retrieved or pregnancy results.  Keep in mind that factors beyond egg quality determine pregnancy and live birth. The stimulation course, number of eggs fertilized, transfer day, and a host of other variables determine results.

Repeat egg donors are very desirable and get matched very quickly. If you absolutely insist on a repeat donor, it may take you longer to find one. Keep in mind that being a repeat is just one of many factors that make a good candidate. Most first time egg donors pass their screenings and do well in their retrievals, and even some repeat donors can back out due to changes in their lives. A cycle with a repeat egg donor is no more likely to result in a pregnancy than one with a fine first-timer. It may even give you pause to think your donor has been responsible for numerous pregnancies before yours and you are adding more half siblings into the mix. Of course, even with a first time egg donor, any subsequent donations remain beyond your knowledge and control.

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