Conceiving Through Egg Donation (7 of 10): Out-of-Town Egg Donors

Posted On October 31st, 2008

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Using an “Out-of-Town” Egg Donor

Some egg donors are able to travel to make their donations. Be aware that if you choose a donor beyond the vicinity of your clinic, you will be responsible for all travel expenses, including car fuel, airfare, hotel, food, and other incidentals, including the same for a travel companion in some cases. The egg donation agency will coordinate the donor’s schedule and handle all the arrangements, but will require money ahead of time based on estimates.

The typical cycle for out of town egg donors will require up to three separate trips. The screening requires about two days. A few weeks later, the FDA lab tests will require one day (these may be done in the donor’s home town, depending on the clinic’s policy). The third trip covers the monitoring and egg retrieval, and here protocols vary from clinic to clinic. Some allow nearly all the monitoring off-site at a clinic near the egg donor’s home town. Others require a full five or six days of on-site monitoring leading up to the retrieval. Both you and your agency should contact your clinic’s egg donor coordinator to find out their protocols.

Travel makes the process more complicated and expensive, but they can be worth it to work with the donor you want.

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