Become a Surrogate Today!

Surrogates (gestational carriers) give the priceless gift of life to hopeful parents unable to have children on their own. These special women are the heart and soul of Northeast Assisted Fertility Group, and they receive support from us every step of the way.

The choice to become a carrier requires a serious commitment of time, energy, and emotion, and the experience is often tremendously rewarding. Being a surrogate involves initial screenings and interviews, physical and psychological tests, fertility treatments, then pregnancy (including regular doctor appointments) and delivery. Throughout, NAFG counselors check in frequently with carriers. Some limited travel may be required as well.

NAFG manages gestational surrogacies, which involve the transfer of an embryo or embryos to the uterus of the carrier. These embryos are created from sperm and eggs furnished by either the intended parent(s) and/or donor(s). The baby, therefore, has no genetic relationship to the gestational carrier. Please see our be a surrogate page for more details about the medical procedures.

An NAFG gestational carrier should:

  • be between 23 and 38 years of age
  • have at least one child of her own, who she is raising in her own home
  • not plan to have any additional children of her own
  • be married or in a long-standing committed relationship
  • be financially stable
  • have the support from her family and others close to her for her decision to be a carrier
  • enjoy being pregnant
  • have a sincere desire to help create for others the kind of loving home she has herself