International Intended Parents Egg Donor Program Fees

  1. NAFG Program Fee: $7,000 ($6,000 if part of NAFG’s Gestational Surrogacy program)
  2. NAFG Administration Fee: $1,000
  3. Egg Donor Fee: Generally $15,000 or $18,000
  4. Insurance: $180 – $297 premium (sometimes included in medical expenses)
  5. Legal fees for egg donor and recipient: approx. $1,800
  6. Expenses and travel for donor: $0 – approx. $6,000 (depending on circumstances/amount of travel required)

NAFG’s program and administration fees include the costs for nationwide egg donor marketing and outreach, non-medical screening (including background checks), trust account maintenance, scheduling and arranging appointments with medical and other professionals, making travel arrangements, and general support for both egg donors and recipients from our counseling staff. The fees are non-refundable and due with the service agreement at the time of your match.

The fees listed above do not include medical tests and procedures, which vary and are paid directly to the medical facilities involved. IVF costs (including medical procedures, medication, and lab fees) can range from $15,000 to $30,000.