How it Works Find an Egg Donor

Conceiving with Donor Eggs

The process is not as complicated as you may think: you choose an available donor from our database, and then your donor goes to your clinic for the screening and donation.

The first step is to look at the database: you may request access codes on the login page. All you need to do is to submit your name, the name and location of your clinic, and a list of your search criteria, and we will respond promptly with a unique user name and password.

There is no fee to look at the database and request more information about the donors. As long as you are a patient at SART-registered IVF clinic in the US, you are welcome to view the database. We work with all kinds of couples and individuals.

Once you have decided on an available donor, we will email you the service agreement, which you sign and return to us along with the NAFG fee.  We then send the complete match materials to your clinic and they begin the donor’s screening. After the screening the egg donor contract is drafted and the compensation and other relevant funds are held in trust. After the retrieval any unused funds in trust are returned along with a complete disbursement list.

Donor Egg Fees

  • NAFG Program and Administrative Fee: $7,000 (due upon reserving the donor)
  • Insurance: $180 for MA and RI and $297 for all other states (sometimes included in medical expenses; held in trust after the donor’s screening)
  • Legal fees for donor and recipient: approx. $1,500 (approximately $1,000 for the recipient’s lawyer to draft the contract and $500 for the donor’s lawyer to review)
  • Egg Donor Compensation: $12,000 for a first-time donor ($15,000 for a standard repeat donor).
  • Expenses and travel: $0 - approx. $6,000: if you choose a donor within a commuter’s distance of your clinic, we hold $500 in trust for transportation. If your donor requires longer travel and hotel accommodations, there would typically be two trips required by your clinic, one for the screening and another for the actual donation. These two trips occur about two-three months apart; the second trip lasts about a week. Many variables determine the actual amount but we generally hold $5-6,000 for the second trip; the first trip would be approximately $800-1,000. You would also be responsible for the fees for any local testing ordered by your clinic: there can be local tests for the screening as well as two-three local monitoring appointments.  NAFG coordinates/ books all travel and local testing arrangements.

Please be aware that all medical fees are separate and are paid to your clinic directly.