How It Works egg donors

Thank you for your interest in NAFG's donor egg program. Egg donation is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Each donor's generosity is rewarded in many ways. By becoming an egg donor, you may help individuals or couples create the families they have always wanted. The process requires a few weeks of diligence and attention but minimal discomfort or pain.

The Northeast Assisted Fertility Group is not a medical clinic and no medical tests take place in our offices. If we are able to take action on your application, you will have an interview and complete a more extensive questionnaire. Your profile will then be posted on our private database (accessible to NAFG clients only) for a recipient to select.  This matching period can take a few days to a few months.

Once selected, you will begin the medical screening at the recipients’ clinic, which could be in your home city or somewhere else in the US, if you are open to travel (travel is all expenses paid in advance).

The egg donation process includes a medical screening and then a series of hormone stimulation leading to the retrieval procedure. The whole process from screening to retrieval takes about three months; the actual stimulation period lasts about twelve days and is when most of the attention of the process is focused.

The first step is to read the Egg Donation FAQs and then apply.