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NAFG Introduces Its New Egg Donor Database

by Katherine Benardo

Now that our database has grown to include about 80 egg donor candidates, we have made it much easier to navigate and search information.

Recipients can always view all the egg donors at once (organized with the most recent additions on top), but now they can also search by criteria: location, eye color, hair color ...

CNN's Anderson Cooper: Story on Egg Donation

by Katherine Benardo

Northeast Assisted Fertility Group to be Featured on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” Next Week - Story on Egg Donation

<Click to watch the CNN video, "Egg Donors on the Rise">

Now CNN has picked up on the “surge” in egg donation and they invited Sanford and me to participate in the story. They were ...

More Fallout: Kuczynski’s New York Times Magazine Surrogacy Story

by Katherine Benardo

Amy Benfer’s piece in Salon yesterday questioned the editorial logic behind the Times publication of Kuczynski’s article, but concluded that it was at least honest in choosing not to mitigate the writer’s vanity, selfishness, and sense of entitlement. She had a slightly more generous attitude toward Kuczynski than many of her readers ...