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Having a Child with a Surrogate (2 of 3)

by Katherine Benardo

This article is part two of a three part series.  Click here to read Part One and Part Three.

"OK" reasons to consider surrogacy

"I am in the process of adopting internationally and surrogacy is my back-up plan in case it does not work out; Although I have children from a previous marriage I want ...

Having a Child with a Surrogate (1 of 3)

by Katherine Benardo

This article is part one of a three-part series. Click here for Part Two and Part Three.

Reasons to Have a Child with a Surrogate: Bad, Not So Good, and Best

Surrogacy can be a risky endeavor, but not for the reasons most people think: the surrogate will get attached to the baby and keep ...

Egg Donor Q&A: Donor Egg Retrieval Process

by Katherine Benardo

What happens to donor eggs after they are retrieved? Do I get to know the results? Do I meet the recipients or potential offspring?

After the donor egg retrieval, the eggs are fertilized and then observed for a few days. Not all will fertilize or develop. Between one and three embryos will be transferred to ...

Egg Donor Q&A: A Woman's Future Fertility

by Katherine Benardo

Will egg donation affect my future fertility?

No relationship between egg donation and future fertility has been clearly established, although research is continuing.

Egg donation does not deplete your ovarian reserve. Each month you release a number of eggs, but only one comes to maturity, generally. The hormones administered in the egg donation process stimulate ...

Is the Surge Working? ABC and NBC Cover the Story

by Katherine Benardo

The broadcast networks are catching up with this old story about the alleged “surge” in egg donations. In ABC's video "Egg Donations On The Rise" (shown on Good Morning America), they had one clinic owner testify that applications are up about 50%. However, the piece assumed throughout that anyone who applied could actually donate ...

Egg Donor Q&A: Cost and Insurance Concerns

by Katherine Benardo

What are the costs involved for me and do I need medical insurance?

You are not responsible for any medical costs and any long distance travel expenses will be paid by the recipients.

A special egg donor insurance policy will be purchased for you to cover any complications, whether you have your own insurance or ...