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Egg Donation & the Economy: Washington Times

by Katherine Benardo

The Washington Times has run an article, "Our bodies, our sales: No windfalls in plasma, egg donations" stating that while egg donation and surrogacy may provide financial payoffs, the criteria and long-term implications should be taken into consideration.  Kathy Benardo, director of the NAFG egg donor program, is quoted throughout this article on the economy ...

Infertility Treatment in Poor Countries

by Katherine Benardo

(Article in New Scientist: “Cheap IVF offers hope to childless millions”)

Despite the public perception that Africa is overpopulated, the majority of infertile couples reside in Third World countries, especially in Africa. The causes of infertility in Africa are much different from those in Europe and the US. In my experience, Western couples seek IVF ...

New York Women Can Now Be Paid to Donate Eggs for Research Purposes

by Katherine Benardo

New York State’s 11-year, $600 million stem cell research initiative was approved as part of last year’s state budget; now labs can pay women to donate their eggs for research.  We are not sure yet what portion of the budget will fund the study of human oocytes (eggs), how the oocyte donors will ...

Want to Be an Egg Donor? Good Photos are Key!

by Katherine Benardo

I review about one hundred egg donor applications a week. Of those I receive, only about three or four get posted on our database. Some very good candidates never get posted because we don't have good photos of them. Even the best candidates cannot be matched without good photos.

We just added "Photo Submission ...

Should I Tell My Child He/She was Conceived With a Donor Egg?

by Katherine Benardo

Of course, only you can make a decision about your child. But in my experience, openness and honesty is rewarded with respect. On the other hand, secrecy and deception fosters anger and resentment.

Your child will love you no less with the knowledge about his or her conception. It does not threaten the family unit ...

New York Times article on infertility treatment

by Katherine Benardo

It was a shock to learn that “Octo Mom” got pregnant with all those babies through IVF (in vitro fertilization) rather than just IUI (intrauterine insemination): what doctor would transfer all those embryos? Unfortunately, there are a few unethical doctors out there who make the industry look like a freak show.

An excellent article in ...