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Do I Need to Be Genetically Matched with My Egg Donor?

by NAFG, Katherine Benardo

In this video I explain that a donor is either eligible to donate or not; it is very rare for a donor and her recipient to be a carrier for the same genetic condition. Blood type does not present a conflict either.

How Does an Out-of-Town Donation Work?

by NAFG, Katherine Benardo

You can donate outside your hometown: the travel is all expenses paid in advance. I describe the requirements in detail in this week's video.

Made in Boise: documentary review by Ellen Glazer


When I heard that there is a new documentary about surrogacy titled Made in Boise, I wasn’t sure what to think or expect. As a long time supporter of surrogacy, I have come to brace myself for such critical comments as “surrogacy exploits women” or “it’s a way rich people can make babies ...

How Much Does it Cost to Use Donor Eggs?

by NAFG, Katherine Benardo

There is a base cost of about 15K for an IVF cycle but beyond that, there is a range of costs for donor eggs depending on which option you choose. Frozen eggs are generally cheaper than fresh but the selection is limited.

Is Freezing Your Eggs Worth it?

by NAFG, Katherine Benardo

Egg freezing for fertility preservation is aggressively marketed to young women, but is it worth the cost? I discuss the statistics in this week's video.

Couple sues fertility clinic after sperm mix-up


A New Jersey couple, who conceived through in vitro fertilization, are suing their fertility clinic after a DNA test said there's a 0% chance the man is his daughter's biological father.Source: CNN

What are the Risks and Complications with Egg Donation?

by NAFG, Katherine Benardo

Don't be scared by crazy internet stories! Egg donation is safe if done properly: there are tens of thousands of these types of procedures (not only for egg donors but for women who do IVF to have children using their own eggs) done in the US every year. Here i explain the most common ...