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Sanford Benardo Makes an Appearance on The View

by Katherine Benardo


Sanford Benardo - Surrogacy - New York

Sanford M. Benardo, Esq., president of Northeast Assisted Fertility Group, appeared on ABC's The View this week, in an exciting episode co-hosted by special guest Giuliana Rancic focusing on surrogacy.

Update - A summary of what was discussed:

Where is Surrogacy legal?

  • Commercial surrogacy - paying someone to carry for you - is illegal in most of the world. In the United States, however, surrogacy is state-law controlled. States in which surrogacy is legal include California, Illinois, and Massachusetts.

  • In New York, for example, it is illegal for a state resident to be compensated as a surrogate. A resident of New York who is looking for a carrier, on the other hand, can always engage residents of a state in which surrogacy is legal.

What is the difference between 'Traditional' and 'Gestational' surrogacy?

  • Traditional surrogacy is used to describe a situation in which the carrier or surrogate is using her own egg.

  • Gestational surrogacy is the term used when the carrier or surrogate has no genetic relationship to the child.

What makes a good surrogate?

  • Ideal carrier candidates are generally middle-class women who have had problem-free pregnancies and have the full support of a husband or partner.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a surrogate be sure to check out our surrogacy FAQ, or if you are seeking a carrier for yourself check out NAFG's surrogacy page to learn more about how surrogacy works.