Anderson Cooper on Egg Donation – Airs Tonight on CNN!

Posted On December 22nd, 2008

Date: Monday, December 10

Time: 10:00 PM

<Click to watch the CNN video, “Egg Donors on the Rise”>

Tune to CNN for Anderson Cooper’s coverage of egg donation, which features Northeast Assisted Fertility Group:

TONIGHT: Dough for eggs!  Tough times can mean ‘eggceptional’ measures. See why women are lining up in clinics across the nation to donate their eggs! You won’t believe the going rate.  Go to to read the rest.

Click here to watch the Anderson Cooper 360 webcast, or tune into the studio webcam.  CNN is also welcoming bloggers (or anyone interested in egg donation) to join the Anderson Cooper Live Blog to discuss the segment in real time.

NAFG’s position remains steadfast: we believe that infertility is a disease, for which egg donation is an effective treatment. NAFG egg donors are paid only for their time and effort, and not for the outcome of the egg retrieval.  Our recipients, in turn, get the opportunity to have a child. As long as egg donor compensation is not coercive, we believe that all parties will benefit — with minimal medical or financial risk.

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