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Donor Egg Introduction

NAFG has its own pool of carefully chosen egg donors. Recipients and donors benefit from the guidance of NAFG’s egg donor coordinator and counselors. Our egg donors are available for all intended parents, whether as direct recipients or as part of gestational carrier arrangements.

If you would like to register to view NAFG egg donors, please phone or e-mail us. For more information, please see our Conceiving with Donor Egg page and Egg Donation FAQs. See our blog for more advice and information for recipients of donor eggs.

Potential egg donors should consult our Egg Donors page for complete information on the process of becoming an egg donor.

Donor Egg Introduction

Donor Egg Introduction



29 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston MA 02116
Tel: 800-710-1677; 617-557-4300
Fax: 617-557-4301

New York *

148 East 74th Street
New York NY 10021
Tel: 212-207-1900
Fax: 212-207-3099

Washington DC

717 D Street, NW
Suite 300
Washington DC 20004
Tel: 202-388-7575
Fax: 202-388-1772


3379 Peachtree Road NE
Suite 555
Atlanta GA 30326
Fax: 404-467-4485


2650 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami FL 33137
Tel: 305 674-8989
Fax: 305-674-8979


9319 LBJ Freeway
Suite 100
Dallas TX 75243
Tel: 214-350-5200
Fax: 214-350-5202

* New York state residents may work with NAFG as intended parents, but state law currently restricts New York residents from serving as surrogates (carriers).

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Donor Egg Introduction
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